Report: iPhone 5S will support super-fast LTE Advanced

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image Report: iPhone 5S will support super-fast LTE Advanced

According to an alleged insider at SK Telecom, the South Korean carrier is in talks with Apple to release an iPhone with LTE-Advanced data speeds, with it most likely being the "upcoming iPhone 5S....

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  • Ly4SLy4S Posts: 20Member
    Unlikely Apple would roll out a product that makes an impact in only one market (which isn't a key market). If LTE-A won't start to be rolled out in the U.S. until later this year, then LTE-A seems like a more likely feature of 2014's iPhone (whatever it's name will be) when there will be relatively large adoption.
  • MichaelRGMichaelRG Posts: 76Member
    Have any US carriers even announced 4G LTE advanced yet? As far as I'm concerned, they haven't even finished rolling out 4G LTE!
  • LaughingBoyLaughingBoy Posts: 14Member
    It's likely the broadband chip inside the iPhone is 4G LTE-A capable, so it would be easy enough to activate it for just one market. This new 4G seems to be rather unnecessary at this point in time for most areas. It would be nice to see Apple go heads up against Samsung in Korea even if it is a small market.
  • surgesodasurgesoda Posts: 369Member
    This is what 4g was supposed to be -- LTE Advanced, until the carriers forced the bastardization of the term "4g" to include 3.5g technologies. This will be exciting if this is true. Asia has usually been ahead in terms of wireless tech rollouts.
  • lyndseyneepelyndseyneepe Posts: 35Member
  • TigerlilyTigerlily Posts: 112Member
    What's needed is Voice over LTE - which will greatly improve speeds. VoLTE would be much more effective than increasing the theoretical maximum of an LTE data connection.

    Currently, voice calls run over 2G or 3G. There is no voice over LTE. And so when you get a voice call, the device has to either turn off LTE and turn on 2G/3G, OR it needs to simultaneously fire up a 2nd radio. This kills battery life and/or data performance - neither are acceptable. But it is what all carriers demand.

    This is a world-wide situation, and it is exclusively the carriers that are dragging their feet. Voice over LTE will improve data performance and improve battery life. Why the carriers can figure this out is simply due to carrier collusion and their strength in manipulating the international standards.

    So demand VoLTE today. It will provide faster performance and better battery life. Not so bad.
  • Rettun1Rettun1 Posts: 187Member
    I don't think it's crazy that they'd make it LTE A capable so that the device can support it as the network is rolled out. Kinda like the wideband audio stuff
  • Pshaw13Pshaw13 Posts: 13Member
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