What do you do with your Apple stickers?

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You've just opened an Apple product, and what do you find? Some lovely Apple stickers! What do you do with them and why are they even there? :D
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    btw, they are there because Apple once put the logo upside down on the back of old iBooks, because it was the "right" way round when the user had it on the table in front of them about to open it, but once opened it would be upside down for the rest of the world. So they issued stickers for people to correct this and then it just stuck as a tradition.

    Of course some people didn't like the change, because it made the logo upside down for the *loyal* and *devoted* user that had just spent 100s of $ on the device, in favour of making it the right way up for the general public who hadn't been so generous in their money to Apple.


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