Case or Screen Protector for iPad?

mpsportzompsportzo Posts: 12Member
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Can I have someones opinion on what case I should get for my iPad?
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  • mpsportzompsportzo Posts: 12Member
    I'm afraid that if I put both a screen protector and a case the screen protector will rip off.

    I also looked at smart covers when i bought the ipad online, but they look like they dont protect your ipad at all.
  • Algernon ParkerAlgernon Parker Posts: 12Member
    I like the smart cover... I also have a back cover.
    I don't use a screen protector for any of my iDevices because I like the feel of the glass. The only thing with no screen protector is smudges.

  • chrismiller08chrismiller08 Posts: 8Member
    I have the InvisibleShield HD as is a HUGE improvement over the old Zagg screen protectors. It pretty much feels like the glass...not that rubbery mess they use to sell. I don't have a case, but I did buy the Zagg Leather Skin which I personally like better than the metal back. I bought it more for the tactile feeling than to protect the iPad from scratches. I'm sure the skin will get dirty though.
  • AbsintheAbsinthe Posts: 11Member
    Switcheasy snap on cases and iPad smart cover on my iPad! Works pretty well for me because I like seeing the smart cover attaches itself automatically to my iPad! The case is just a protection for the back of my iPad! I like the slickness of my iPad..
    As for screen protectors, a crystal clear one may leave smudges and fingerprints on it, while the matte one sort of kills the retina display of the iPad... Either of this is fine..after all, these screen protectors are cheap out in the market! :)
  • kevinkevin Posts: 38Member
    I use the iPad naked, and travel with a Waterfield Designs Smart Case (sleeve).
  • g_mastropavlosg_mastropavlos Posts: 4Member
    Because i like using the smart cover, i have chosen iskin solo smart for the back case. The best feature is that it also has a cover lock.
  • Josh WilsonJosh Wilson Posts: 46Member
    I love the feeling of anti glare screen covers over glass. The best brand for that is PowerSupport. As for cases, I use a smart cover and then put it in an Incase sleeve when Im not using it.
  • mpsportzompsportzo Posts: 12Member
    Thank you all for your opinion! I have decided to get a sleeve that @kevin recommended. And a screen protector from Invisible shield!
  • bryantbryant Posts: 34Member
    I have the Smart Cover and a clear snap on iFrogz case, i cant stand the feel of anything but glass.
  • TomTarTomTar Posts: 3Member
    Like Kevin I use the Waterfield Designs Smart Case, however, I also put an iCarbons Skin on the back to prevent scratches. On my iPad 2, I used their "Light Wood" skin, but for my "New" iPad I'm using the Brushed Titanium skin. I use the dark grey Apple Smart Cover to protect the front. 

    As I said above I used basically this same set up on my iPad 2 which I sold to a co-worker who is rather choosey about the computing devices that he buys. This is proof to me that the protection of this set up worked very well. 
  • recoilrecoil Posts: 13Member
    The screen protector is a good choice if you pick an opaque one, that helps you get rid of fingerprints and reduce glare.
    Otherwise I'll go for the case only, to protect the whole iPad (glass and rear) when you put it in a bag.
    The smartcover from Apple is cool, but doesn't protect the rear and I can assure  you'll have plenty of scratches. Moreover, it doesn't clean the screen very well, so the smartcover is just a screen protection, and in my opinion is quite expensive for doing just that task.
    My colleague just bought this one (is designed for iPad2 but the new iPad fits in it) and I think I'll buy something similar for my iPad

  • RossRoss Posts: 4Member
    I have a smart cover, a clear snap on plastic case for when I'm travelling. But otherwise the iPad is very durable... I've bring mine to school, travelled with it and mine still isn't scratched or dinged. Im careful with it... people say the first scratch hurts the most but nearly none (bloody black iPod touch chrome back) of my apple products have one. Treat them well and they will do the same with you :)
  • MichaelRGMichaelRG Posts: 76Member
    i suggest getting what i have: smart cover for front and zagg invisible shield for front and back 
  • AmplelinkAmplelink Posts: 7Member
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    Any number of the cheap screen protectors will work. I find they're all about the same. The SGP and Zagg ones are vastly overpriced. 

    I go with a Caudabe Shell back cover. Light and comes in semi-transparent which doesn't get as scratched up as easily. Got mine on Amazon.

    EDIT: Looks like Caudabe is having a sale on its website too.

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  • mrsclassicscrazymrsclassicscrazy Posts: 1Member
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    Highly recommend - Hipstreet Case/Keyboard/stand -It allows you to stand your Ipad in it, and doubles as a case. I love it as it is light durable aluminum, which protects the ipad when traveling. I actually dropped it and all it did was scratch the back of my keyboard.
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  • bamaapplebamaapple Posts: 100Member
    I had a Smart Cover for iPad. Hated it! I love my Otterbox defender! :)
  • jazzybeatjazzybeat Posts: 5Member
    Screen protectors sucks, you will not going to enjoy the screen if you are planing to play games and use a lot of gestures. I bought my first gen ipad from my friend and he left a screen protector I had to remove this because it was terible expierence. Just get an iPad case. There are many cool case, you can visit mgadget there you should find what many cool cases for ipad 3.

  • swoosh9swoosh9 Posts: 3Member
    For me a Smart Cover is more than enough :)
  • pibrewpibrew Posts: 3Member
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    I have used Ghost Armor for mine and it is AWESOME!  No cases and it won't scratch  

    I also use a Smart Cover on the front.
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  • MichaelRGMichaelRG Posts: 76Member
    I have a full body invisible shied for my iPad 2 plus a Smart Cover.  Works good for me!
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