Today is AT&T Unlocking Day. How is it going for everyone?

SethSeth Posts: 171Administrator
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AT&T’s statement:

“Beginning Sunday, April 8, we will offer qualifying customers the ability to unlock their AT&T iPhones. The only requirements are that a customer’s account must be in good standing, their device cannot be associated with a current and active term commitment on an AT&T customer account, and they need to have fulfilled their contract term, upgraded under one of our upgrade policies or paid an early termination fee.”


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  • GarrettGarrett Posts: 27Member
    Everything seems like it's working.  I'm just waiting for my contract to be up.  That being said, I still don't have a need to unlock my phone thus far.  AT&T where I live works just fine.
  • Nick FallavollitaNick Fallavollita Posts: 78Member
    Yay! im happy for you guys in the states. TO bad up North doesn't have that yet....
  • Kona314Kona314 Posts: 4Member
    I wouldn't be surprised if the extend it to people that are on contract as well. The reason they're doing this (I presume) is that so many requests came through Tim Cook, and he will continue to recieve them as on-contract people put in a request.
  • KimiRaikkonenKimiRaikkonen Posts: 1Member
    I contact the ATT today but no good result.
    Here's what I got.
    Sandra Gibbs: I apologize for any
    inconvenience, we do not unlock any Apple devices.  We have read and are
    aware of the articles online stating AT&T will begin unlocking
    iPhones that are no longer under contract this coming Sunday.
    Unfortunately, at this time, AT&T has not released an official
    statement informing us of the validity of the reports or how we will go
    about unlocking the iPhones.
  • Vlad33141Vlad33141 Posts: 4Member
    I was about to go to the AT&T store, but im gonna wait till monday , when all AT&T employes get the memo.
  • macnosymacnosy Posts: 1Member
    I would like to see the official statement from AT&T (the web page, PR announcement, ...).
    I see no sign of any changes to AT&T's unlock policy for iPhones on their web site.
    As of Sunday night, you may have been the 1st to announce this ,
    but I have the sneaking suspicion that this is a monster Easter Egg in the classic sense of the picture of Paula Abdul on an System 8 or 9 System CD released by Apple.
    So Seth, where did this 'release' come from ?
    How reliable was the source ?
    9 to 5 mac has already back tracked once on this in a later web page:

    PS: I was an Apple developer from 1985 - 2000
    And Seth, 
    If you get any info, please CC my e-mail address.

  • oliversloliversl Posts: 2Member
    How about used iPhone that people buy from ebay? Does this still apply?
  • FranklinFranklin Posts: 118Member
    There'll probably be a lot of unlocked iPhones on Ebay soon... A 300 dollar iPhone would be cool
  • James WattsJames Watts Posts: 1Member
    I called the 800 number and was the tech rep knew about the new policy, even stated "This is the first day that AT&T will be unlocking phones."  He took my IMEI and email address.  He said they don't have an "Unlock Code" but will pass this on to Apple.  The tech rep said i should expect a email with instructions back in 2-3 days.  - I'm praying I will actually see something back.
  • dkaufdkauf Posts: 2Member
    AT&T is telling me that no iPhone 4 or 4S phones can be unlocked unless you either paid full price for them, or until they turn 2 years old. (Nothing to do with when the individual phones contract is up, only the age of the actual iPhone) Period. I upgrade my iPhone every year and give my old iPhones to other family members on my family account. So the only iPhones I own that are available for upgrade are my grand daughter's 2g, 3g and 3gs iPhones. Not really much of an incentive to stay with AT&T. If I were not using my old iPhones for grandkids on my contract and had them sitting in a drawer collecting dust, they would not be unlockable either, since they would not have AT&T phone numbers associated with them.
  • dkaufdkauf Posts: 2Member
    I called AT&T again and spoke to a different agent. Again I was told that only 2g, 3g and 3gs phones are unlockable at this time, because no 4 or 4s phones are more than 2 years old. What if I used another family members upgrade to purchase my 4s and my upgrade is now available. Great, I can upgrade the phone but it will not be unlockable until it turns 2 years old and only if it is still associated with an current AT&T phone number on my contract.
  • athanasiaathanasia Posts: 1Member
    So I called and emailed AT&T MANY times about unlocking my iPhone 4s. Was to repeatedly that they could not unlock my phone bc I was still under contract. I told then I would cancel my contract and pay the ETF if they did not unlock. Apparently they did not care to keep me as a customer. I canceled my line, paid over the phone with customer support( they were going to make me wait for my billing cycle to end and pay and THEN unlock in 2 weeks.) Long story short.... Cancelled contract...Paid, 10 min later talked to tech support and they sent me an email with instructions. Now my 4s is unlocked with a T mobile sim. I am now thinking to cancel my iPhone 4 as well bc I am so unhappy with AT&T.
  • martamarta Posts: 1Member
    ATT is the company that has the most expensive service market, when you are being redirected request a warranty is 99% they will return you a phone refurbished, if you turned and contract over time they send a message to renew to 0 dollars and you get a new phone or very economical  is false and you renew the contract but if you do the calculation in two years end up paying the phone so train staff to be told that the phone was free promotions are a scam these companies actually do not hold with prepaid service to them how important are postpaid users, who are really important l when you have time to make a comparison you will see that I have reason. In addition in U.S. employees who work for the customer service department earn about 17USD for the hour they have gone to Latin American countries to pay 2usd the hour to make them work as slaves to injustice in the world but we are stupids and continue filling the pockets of these people.

  • leshekleshek Posts: 1Member
    everybody can buy unlock from att on ebay for 3 dollars even iphone is still under contract include iphone 5
  • I had no luck with my new iPhone 5S unlocking - I called AT&T many thime and they refused to unlock. though the IMEI is not blacklisted or barred
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