Iphone 5 photo error!

madeyedhlmadeyedhl Posts: 1Member
Dear all, I have iphone 5 that has some problem with camera. When taking multiple photos or making the camera standby for a while makes this fuzzy antenna like error. It even occurs in video and strange thing is when i capture the image at that time it actually saves the file like i have attached. I went to apple store before but he suggested dfu restart or just reset the device. He thought it was software problem. But when i had reset the device few days ago (by mistake when updating to 6.1.2) this problem recurred. Any ideas? I should go to genius after service but the guy said he never heard of this problem before. It takes some time for me to go to applestore so i want to know you guys opinion before i go there. No jailbreak or dropped or anything. Other photos are fine. Thanks!!!
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