Saving Confidential Data in iCloud

creajoecreajoe Posts: 3Member
Handling file management in each application and having iPhone, iPad and Mac integration via iCloud is super great - unless there are confidentiality restrictions that do not allow by local law lawyers, management consultants, doctors and others save sensitive client-data on other companies (not to speak of other countries') servers. Couldn't there be an easy way out, if the saving menu would show a third button, maybe dubbed "Own Server" next to "Local" and "iCloud". "Own Server" would be linked to a file server IP-address, lodged in settings. For OS X Server users it would be then very elegant, if they could manage their "Own Server"-files alike iCloud through applications and share data across devices. Just an idea to give OS X Server another competitive edge over MS Server/Exchange, esp. for small business users facing the above described restrictions...
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