Will Apple find a way to migrate personal and business calendars?

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Three iCal-challenges to migrate personal and business calendars - will Apple solve them? 
  1. Using iCal, assume you have a personal calendar, using iCloud, and a business calendar, using a third party calendar server (or even OS X Calendar Server). How could your colleagues or your personal assistant find out your available time for scheduling a meeting, if you do not double-entry your private appointments in iCloud and in the third-party calendar, while avoiding to share your personal iCloud calendar details?

  2. Assume you use one calendar (e.g. iCloud) only and want to share it with your personal assistant. Complication: How can you make sure she has insight into your business appointments but no insight into the details/descriptions of the private appointments?

  3. As a business person you want to send out calendar invitations (to be confirmed by the invitee) rather with your business email address than with an iCloud address. Do you think Apple will ever address this?
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