Wishlist for iWork 2013

creajoecreajoe Posts: 3Member
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  • iBooks Author-like embedded LaTeX-support for "fine formulae"
  • think-cell.com-like professional business charting
  • Alignment-buttons and/or shortcuts for objects and text (esp. in Keynote and Pages)
  • Table-rounding to achieve that rounded totals match the total of the rounded addends
  • Methods for collaborative working, e.g. multi-author developments
What are yours?
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  • MichaelRGMichaelRG Posts: 76Member
    Those are good ideas.  I want to be able to edit documents online through iCloud and view presentations, documents, and spreadsheets online without downloading online through iCloud. 
  • mrplesmrples Posts: 2Member
    For Keynote:
    - Layers for objects
    - editing capabilities (at least basic) for eps-objects
    - improved Alpha tool when working with eps
    - being able to batch-format presenter notes
    - improved color selection for text/objects (with less re-clicking)
    - being able to adjust images within aperture (when installed) w/o leaving keynote, or reloading the respective image
    - not jumping back to top in the font menu after selecting a font
    - being able to 'pin' a text box at a certain corner, so it doesn't change position when it changes dimensions due to text entering
    - a dark UI like the other pro apps

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