Verizon 4s Dropping Calls

ctgyrl317ctgyrl317 Posts: 1Member

My verizon 4s has been dropping calls like crazy lately.  I have called and reported it to Verizon multiple times.  They say that there is nothing more they can do, that I have to contact Apple.  I brought my phone in to the Apple Store before this happened because I had a problem (spot) on my camera.  They replaced the camera.  Now it's dropping calls.  Hubby and I have the same phone, he has not had one dropped call.  I'm guessing I have to bring it in, but trying to avoid the craziness at the store.  Any other advice?  New here, I did a search of the forums but didn't find anything that was closely related.  Thank you for your help!


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  • bamaapplebamaapple Posts: 100Member
    I have had no trouble With iPhone 4S. I have the 5 but I still like the 4s and I haven't heard of that! I'm sorry about it! Take it to the apple store or call apple at 1800-MY-Apple Or Verizon store.
  • MichaelRGMichaelRG Posts: 76Member
    I have a Verizon iPhone 4S.  No dropped calls for me.  Make sure the software is up to date, turn off cellular and turn it back on and turn the iPhone itself on and off.  If this doesn't work and the dropped calls persist, I recommend getting the iPhone replaced for another 4S or even a 5.

    Hope this helps!
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