SkiFree and Rodent's Revenge arrive in the iTunes App Store

tornroostornroos Posts: 1Member
Remember those great Microsoft Entertainment Pack games on your old Windows computers? SkiFree and Rodent's Revenge are now available for iOS devices!

They are now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Reminisce of the good old days while playing these nostalgic games.

- Hit the slopes in SkiFree, the official version of the retro skiing game, and show off your slalom and free styling skills! Engineered for all Apple devices, including iPhone 5 and the new iPad! 

 - Dodge skiers, snowboarders, trees, rocks, and even the abominable snow man! Get some air with the ramps and rack up points! Compete with your friends to get the highest scores in each game mode (Slalom, Tree Slalom, and Free-Style)! 

Rodent's Revenge
- Rodent's Revenge is a fast-paced puzzle game based on the 1991 version of Rodent's Revenge. Now you can play this classic on your iOS device and compete against other players all around the world!

 - As a lone mouse in a square world of cats, traps, holes, yarn, and other obstacles, the odds are pitted against you. Using only your wits and immense mouse strength, you must trap the cats using the blocks on the map to turn them in to cheese!

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