Buying First Macbook. Need Advice

This is my first post on 9to5. I've been able to score a pretty good deal on a couple of MacBooks but can keep only 1. I'm hoping the 9to5mac community can help me decide. While reading the specs keep in mind that I don't travel a lot but do have an ipad. 1. MacBook Pro 13" i5 2.5 8gb ram 500gb HDD. $1,149 2. MacBook Air 11" i7 1.8 4gb ram 256gb SSD $899 I'm not too worried about ports and the cd drive on the pro but like the bigger screen and extra 2 hrs of battery I love how light the MacBook Air is. The 256GB SSD for the price is a sweat deal My iTunes library will take up about 60Gb. Otherwise just basic apps, office, browsing email Tough choice. Any advice? Many thanks


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