Planning to buy a new Mac Pro, which one to go for

artinsaneartinsane Posts: 2Member

I am currently a windows user and have a heavy usage for graphic designing and development. I was planning to switch to Mac but not sure when to switch, my current windows laptop works great but i was interested in getting better graphics and battery which eventually was the main reason to switch to mac.

I've made up my mind to buy Mac Book Pro 15" but when i was going through the 9to5 website, it seems apple is announcing new Mac Book Pro in June, is that much time worth waiting, they are planning to add new processors. I would be using the new laptop for almost next 3 years, so is it worth waiting ??

Let me know your views :)



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  • jc_jc_ Posts: 7Member
    Mac Pro is a different computer to the MacBook Pro, FYI.

    The current MBP 15" is still a very good machine - if you upgrade the RAM yourself to 16GB, you won't have any performance problems even with really demanding apps. The benefit you'd get from the newer processors would be a minimal speed bump at best.
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