rMBP or MBP ?

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Hi guys I'm planning to buy a Mac computer next week , and I can't decide whether I'm going to buy a MBP or rMBP. If I buy a MBP , ill choose the 2.7 ghz processor , and ill install a 512 gb SSD and replace the super drive with the original HHD (750 gb 7200 rpm), and maybe add some Ram (16 gb I guess ) If I decided to buy a rMBP , ill choose the standard 2.6 ghz configuration. Now I never used a MacBook Pro before , and I'm shifting from my 3 year old Sony Vaio ( which it's awesome ). About me : I'm a software engineer , I'm planning to install windows 8 so I can run visual studio , and building some iOS apps , I have around 60 gb of music , also installing adobe master collection cs6 ( because I word on graphic designing and film making stuff too ) , recording music , and maybe watching some movies, and photography. Thanks P.S. sorry about my English :)
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    I just bought my rMBP for the same type of usage than yours, and belive me, this is by far the most powerfull laptop I ever used. Going from a MBP 13' and a Asus to the Retina, I was able to enjoy how fast this laptop really is. SSD works like a charm. And there's the screen. Photoshop will thank you for it.

    BTW, I installed windows 7 instead of 8.. I hate windows 8!  


    If you have other questions I'll be pleased to help.

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    Thank you for your response :) I guess I'll buy the rMBP :)
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