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While I am apparently a first time poster, I am actually the return of smudgeyjoe, a longtime poster. My son passed away unexpectedly in November, and Poppaholic was his X-Box Live handle. He could never get enough Mountain Dew. I want to remember him every chance I get. I spent 35 years of school teaching, much of that time married to Microsoft )-: When I retired, I purchased the first iPad on day one, and soon followed that up with every iDevice I could get. The interface was too good, too reliable, and too cutting edge. I had to grin a little as I watched Microsoft go from Top Dog to Contender to Also Ran. This post is a trial balloon because I live alone now, and I have no one to conjecture with but my iMicrowave. I am concerned that, to a much lesser degree, Apple seems to be dragging it's feet a little. It worries me. We are living in a time where "what did you do for me today" has become literally true. Monday's best tech may be a memory a week later. Apple created the iPhone and for a time, it truly was The Phone. But as I have walked the corridors of info land, I see phone after phone from Android Land with bigger and better displays. It used to be that there was The App Store, and everything else. Google is most assuredly catching up in terms of numbers of apps. Apple has been the spawner of every great new direction and undoubtedly still has a few things up it's sleeve, but the rest of the tech world is only a step behind. I know that Apple has opted out of CES since 1992, but this is a year I think their lack of presence will be costly. Many old heads are finally turning and looking at technology as something that deserves a second look. I think that Microsoft began to plod along when they became entrenched in a pattern of development that was predictable. They had done well for years by connecting the dots from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and so on, but then someone discovered it worked to go from 1 to 9 to 5 to 26 and create a new and better product. I absolutely love Apple and everything it represents, but I am worried they are falling into becoming a 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. entity. That makes me sad. Hope I am wrong (-;
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    I agree for the most part. I agree that the gap between them and the competition is getting smaller, but they are not a 1,2,3,4 company. I mean, look at the rMBP. That's a great example. 

    On the iOS side, it's not like they need to change things just for the sake of change, but they really do need to wow us all again (I'm trying to be unbiased here...). They need to keep pushing the limits, like with their hardware. It would be sad to see them pull a RIM (sit on a great product for years). With Scott gone, I have hope. But that's just the software side. On the hardware side, they are still the best in the business. 

    But I don't agree with the part about Google/Android. You say they have "bigger and better displays" -- streching out a screen is not innovative at all. And about Google catching up in terms of number of apps, that is true, but Google is no where near Apple in terms of quality of apps. 
    Also, Microsoft did not discover that going for 1 to 9 to 5 to 26 works. They changed everything in tthe fear of dieing (like RIM), and it has not shown to be a success... yet...

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