Can i run Windows 8 on a Macbook Pro 2012?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to run Windows 8 on a 'Macbook Pro retina' (15inch). => Dual boot
And how much hard disk must i give? and how much is there free in the Mac self?

or must i buy a higher flash hard disk, then the default 125GB

Any Information will be helpful :)



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  • shameershameer Posts: 328Member
    Yes you can using bootcamp or Parallels. 32GB should be plenty unless you want more space.
  • graceridergracerider Posts: 2Member
    Not sure about dual boot but you can with Parrallels.  Parallels virtual machine is a great program and I recommend it over dual boot.  You might consider getting more hard disk space if you want to use Parallels also RAM is important too.  But you can tweek Parallels to run in smaller configurations.  The big question is what Windows programs to you have to run.  I run all my programs on OS X and about 5 programs on windows unfortunately one of the programs I run is a big Java IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that is very memory and CPU hungry but it works well under Parrallels.  If fact compared to my colleges who use PCs I have less issues since when Windows apps eventually die or lockup I just restart my virtual machine and I don't lose any of my other work.  One other nice thing is you can use time machine to backup your virtual machine so you don't need to worry about windows finicky backup software.  32GB is fine to allocate if you just have a few simple Windows apps.
  • stefanvdstefanvd Posts: 6Member
    It's just only Internet Explorer and MS Visual Studio 2012 i need. 
    The rest on Mac, like MS office,...

  • smoovejayysmoovejayy Posts: 3Member
    In order to run Windows on a mac, you have to have a separate hard drive for it?
  • ParkerParker Posts: 11Member
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    Sure! you can. I recommend bootcamp.

    My co-worker run win8 with bootcamp and it's worked.
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