iPod touch 4th generation bugs

I have been experiencing a few problems with my iPod touch 4th generation recently. First, in the music app, the albums covers didn't match the real albums. Then, when a song was playing, the name and the song didn't match, and the album cover didn't match either. Then, in the iTunes Store, I did a few different searches, the app crashed a few times (1st times in 2 years), and every time I relaunched the app and searched again. Every time I went in the "search" section, my first search appeared. I also experienced problems downloading apps. Then, a few days ago, the screen didn't wot any more. I could see the locked screen, but I couldn't unlock it. Then, I restored the iPod. In the beginning, the iPod thought he was in the App Store in Luxembourg, while I was in the Belgian App Store with my Belgian account. Now, when I want to listen to a playlist, the iPod skips the end of songs, plays twice the same songs, goes to the previous song and skips songs (even when I repeat the playlist). The App Store also crashes every time I try to go in the purchased section. Should I buy a new iPod, or should I try to get it repaired?


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