Does anyone know how iMessage works and if texts sent to an iPhone automatically show up on the iPad

miksanjrmiksanjr Posts: 1Member
Looking for any help on on the iMessage works. If I send a text to someone's iPhone does it automatically show up on their ipad? Do they have to be logged in for this to happen? Is there a setting that can be turned on or off for this?


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  • Shm1ckShm1ck Posts: 25Member
    I have been using iMessage on my iPad, but it's not the best. It will depend if you send the message to their mobile number or email. For everyone to be able to utilize iMessage to its full potential, everyone must have the iMessage setting set up correctly.
  • iphoneglanceiphoneglance Posts: 4Member
    If your friend is log into an iPad it would have to be through apple ID for them to receive an imessage to an iPad, but if you send to someone with an iPhone through their mobile number thats how they receive iMessage. You dont get charge for this.
  • technochicktechnochick Posts: 520Member
    yes and no. 

    Texts as in SMS/MMS messages go to the phone. period. There is no way to get them anywhere else without routing them through a 3rd party app. In Messages these will be the messages in Green. 

    The other ones, the iMessages (which appear in blue) can go to all devices that are logged into the same Apple ID. Under iOS 5 they had to be sent to your email address that is your ID but under iOS 6 your iphone number is linked to your ID so either method sends across to everything. 

    Be warned however, if you are sharing an Apple ID with anyone else they could be logged into your ID for iMessages and will receive all iMessages you send and receive. happens a lot to parents that log in their kids iphones and ipod touches intending to use Find My but dont realize it logs in all Apple ID connected services if they do it from those gray background set up screens
  • Shm1ckShm1ck Posts: 25Member
    To get around the above comment in regards to sharing your Apple ID, it was a massive pain when iMessage was released. You can set up different people with their own iCloud accounts and use that email as their Apple ID for FaceTime, iMessage and Find My Friends but still use the main Apple ID for purchases. If you don't set up everyone separately everyone can receive your messages, the only App that won't is Find My iPhone as it will be logged in under an iCloud account, but Find My Friends will work just as well
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