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ItsJoeTurnerItsJoeTurner Posts: 1Member
This is my first on 9to5 so I'll make it short and sweet to avoid breaking too many rules.

I have had the idea of Apple TV in my mind for a long, long time and with the release of the iPad Mini I decided to create three mockups, and I'm sharing one of them with you today.

Whilst you read and examine the blog post on my website, I would like you to image yourself on a couch. You're holding an iPad Mini, this is now how you make your way around TV.

Let me know what you think.

Link - Apple TV - 1/3


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  • Shm1ckShm1ck Posts: 25Member
    I like the idea, but there are a few issues that will prove it a hard to market. First off is getting the TV companies to provide content. Also obviously you will need to stream all of your viewing, there will be a lot of pressure on Internet providers to ensure quality connections. I'm pretty sure I would not be able to use, I'm on ADSL 2+ but so far away from the exchange it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are a lot of people that use wifi on their Apple TV as there is no wired connection available, this idea would need a wired connection only. Let's say it all works, sign me up
  • technochicktechnochick Posts: 520Member
    You have an interesting UI idea but as Sm1ck points out there are too many other factors at work with the core idea. 

    Cable companies aren't going to want to give up control and neither will Apple. So content will be dicey. There's geographic restrictions at work in current contracts, some of which don't expire for another 10 years if not more. 

    There's Internet bandwidths. 

    and so on. 

    Perhaps when the current network contracts with the cable companies end we will find CEOs with the balls to remove the blocks on direct customer subscription to channels via an iOS based app and they will actually provide equal quality, timing and decent pricing. Or even just do this in the stores. opening them up internationally hopefully and remembering things like CC, subtitles, languages. But it will be a slow game. 

    But even when it does I suspect we'll see a UI that is for the most part the same as the current but not as Gaudy with the ability to move and even make invisible the icons you don't use leading into (for the Apple sections) a UI not unlike iTunes 11 with the integration of local and store materials etc. 
  • Tallest_SkilTallest_Skil Posts: 2,357Member
    What could an Apple TV with stupid native apps plus a new expensive touchscreen remote do that can't already be done with an Apple TV and iOS device with AirPlay?

    Answer that and you'll have a reason for it to exist. Otherwise… 
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