What happen if your Apple ID and iCloud was hacked? Then, The Hacker Did Clone my iPhone

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My name is Sonthichai K. from Thailand.

I lost my Apple ID and it’s no longer in your system coz the hacker did change Apple ID name too.

Aslo he got my iCloud, he did cloning my iPhone by using ‘Restore from iCloud’ function.

The hacker did Delete my credit card information and change 'Security Question"These 2 things are required for verification process of myself. But, as you know, the hacker did change it!! I couldn't verify myself to Apple support team.


Apple security policy NEEDs a BIG IMPROVEMENT to deal with this issue.

If just the hacker can get Apple ID, then, delete credit card info and change security question, Apple HAVE NO other alternative solution to HELP the customer at all.


I beg Apple support to solve this issue many time, but they couldn’t help me. Now, the hacker has another iphone same as me. He knew all my information, bank account, personal address, pictures on my photosteam, contact, note and information kept inside each Apps.


This story was raised to Thai police already on 29 Nov. (My ID was stolen on 28 Nov).


By Apple security system, I do believe Apple can help me to get my Apple ID back and wipe off the data on hacker's iphone when connect to internet.

But, they won’t do it for good customer??


Any suggestion for me to deal with this problem???

Please advise me the contact person of Apple who can help me stop this crime?? 


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