How to manage iOS apps from iTunes - Apps 'Sync Apps'

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Im trying to manage the space on my iPhone 4 16GB, so when I go on holiday I have enough space for photos and vacation movies.
 When plugged in, iTunes shows my apps in the Apps tab. (it actually shows an extra page of apps which are not installed on my phone)
 In iTunes I used to hover over an app, click the x to remove, confirm the prompt to delete and finally, sync. The app was gone from my phone. 
Now this doesnt work. 
 The other way was to uncheck the app from my list of apps (in iTunes Apps tab), and then sync. 
This doesnt work either. 

 I'm sure I used to use this method previously. 

 This is especially handy because itunes lists the applications by size, so I can easily see the ones that will free up the most space. 
 Is there any way to remove apps from the iPhone WITHOUT DOING IT ON THE PHONE? 
 Note: I have 'Sync Apps' ticked & 'automatically sync new apps' unticked.

 Im running: 
 Macbook Air 2012 
 OS X 10.8.1 64 Bit 
 iTunes 10.7(21) 64 Bit 
 iPhone 4 iOS 6.0 (10A403)
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