Cutting the cable cord

jsmith915jsmith915 Posts: 1Member
Hi all, Searched around a bit before I asked, but I want to cut the cord to cable and was looking into purchasing a ATV3. After doing some research tonight it seems I will be paying the same at the end of the year after purchasing and renting shows and sports subscriptions(no NFL??). Most shows I watch are history, discovery, food network, natgeo, not to mention live sports, and those type of shows and got concerned that I would be missing out on what I normally watch. So I guess the question is, has anyone canceled cable and replaced it with AppleTV? If so, we're you satisfied with amount of content? Did you find it to be a savings over traditional cable?


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  • donaldkeysdonaldkeys Posts: 3Member
    I cut the cable cord about 9 months ago and I don't miss much, but saved around $1,000 (per year).
    I have an Apple TV with Netflix subscription (Less than $9 a month) and an over-the-air high def antenna. I cut my Tivo service ($13 a month) but the over-the-air antenna is fed into my Tivo box and I can still pause, rewind, fast forward live TV and watch two shows at once (dual tuner). The only thing we miss is LOCAL SPORTS (NBA) . We can not buy the NBA package to watch the Phoenix Suns (all local games are blacked out) and we watch the NFL games (Including our LOCAL TEAM) on over-the-air.  We buy iTunes gift cards (usually at a discount) and buy TV programs and movie rentals on an individual basis (Spending less than $120 per year). 

    We are satisfied with the amount of content (Netflix has a lot), AppleTV offers a free episodes of TV shows (now and then). I did purchase a Roku Box (on sale for $40) to see if I get any additional content. 

    I hope this helps.
  • jzarobjzarob Posts: 22Member
    If you have an HDTV, and only watch local channels, cable is a complete waste of money. Many HDTVs already have a digital tuner built in, so that would alleviate some content issues. But the $99 price tag, combined with Netflix and Hulu+ makes for a cable killer. Trust me. It's worth it.
  • technochicktechnochick Posts: 520Member
    i cut cable a while back as I go to the pub to watch sports with my mates. I use a combo of Hulu and Netflix for most viewing with a few select shows that I buy on season pass. 

    my only complaint and it's the studios not Apple is that I can't subscribe directly to cable channels. I'd happily pay $10 a month each to get HBO and Showtime on my devices. Same for BBC, BBC America, SyFy. Or put them up right off after first OTA anywhere at better prices and I'll toss in the season pass. That way I can watch things like Sherlock when my friends back home get it in the original view instead of having to wait for it to come to tv stateside
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