I Pad Mini versus I Pad

I just purchased a mini with cell service. What is everyones feeling about the smaller screen versus the larger I Pad? I like it am just not sure it's a keeper or return it for new the I Pad.

Thanks for some honest thoughts!


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  • vanheiservanheiser Posts: 2Member
    I got the mini wifi version only and so far I love it over the ipad retina. The main reason is the thin light weight of the mini makes it more portable and less tiring when holding it with one hand. The smaller size also allow you to type easily while holding your ipad on portrait mode. Although the lack of retina display and the A5 processor is a downside, if you just do internet browsing it's actually good enough. But you do have to keep note that if you watch movie or tv shows on your ipad, the bigger screen is a plus. Then you also have to consider the price difference vs your budget since your budget might only get you a 32gb ipad retina vs being able to get a 64gb ipad mini.
  • ghostrider5408ghostrider5408 Posts: 2Member
    I am trying to determine if this is the one. Price is not so much the issue as usability  I carry a MBA on trips ( many).  In the evenings I watch France 24 for Euro news
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