Safari anomalies with Macbook Pro Retina

I've been using a MBPr for 2-3 months now, and have had three replacements with the same exact issues in Safari: 
  • Blocks of data show up as missing / corrupt on many websites (Gmail, Amazon, eBay, etc)
  • Typing text into text fields shows delays / missing characters (and is literally occurring as I type this right now)
  • GIFs stutter while loading, and usually become smooth after fully loaded
  • Going back one page yields a blank white screen about 25% of the time

This website shows great examples of this:

There are other communities that show the same occurance. The problems are so distracting that every minute or two of casual browsing yields some major amount of website display issue, and I'm forced to use Chrome. This is my third MBPr replacement with the exact same issues. I've tried PRAM resets, reinstallation of the OS, etc. My thoughts are that either Apple hasn't done much / any quality control of the MBPr using Safari, or I have a third party application that is somehow corrupting my Safari experience. These are the programs I'm running:
  • Office 2011
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Cinch
  • GrowlVoice

I'm most skeptical of Office 2011 since it requires that Safari be shut down during installation. Perhaps a system file is getting corrupted during the installation? Does anyone have any recommendations about this? I'd really like to use Safari, as it is a much smoother experience than Google Chrome.
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