Note 2 or iPhone 5

Hey guys... new on the site as a active member but ive always been a fan ... quick question not sure if i should leave the iphone world or if i should stay... the Note 2 is very attractive to me and im leaning towards leaving but everyone tells me that its a mission to get updates on software when it comes to Android... any ideas or comments? i appreciate all the feedback.. also i live in Tampa... Sprint or ATT? they are planning on expanding LTE down here but not sure if i should take their word or not.


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  • JohanRolwenJohanRolwen Posts: 486Member
    Depends. Do you want a speedy sexy phone? or a ridiculously big screen with a laggy OS? 
  • CrumbsitoCrumbsito Posts: 6Member
    i thought size didnt matter? lol... and yea i guess it makes sense...i guess i have more Android people around me than anything cause they all say its worth the change.
  • alejow5alejow5 Posts: 4Member
    definitely get the iPhone 5! the benchmarks proof that it is faster and even though the screen is smaller and its not the super amoled of the GS3, the iPhone 5 screen looks better, sharper and crisper!
  • EzhikEzhik Posts: 707Member
    Try them both out. They're really different. 

    iPhone has a sharper screen, and a smoother OS - maybe a better app selection, but it's quite locked down.
    Note 2 has expandable storage - which means you can buy microSD cards to get more space, and a larger screen (with a smaller resolution, though).

    I'd rather buy the Note, though. Just like the OS more. While it may not be as fancy as iOS, it still offers some cool features.

  • SharonSKSharonSK Posts: 0Member
    I also have difficulty in choosing iPhone5 or Note2. Now I am using iPhone4. So, I am worrying will it be too difficult for me to use Note 2. And I just saw an article on the internet and they mentioned the good point of iPhone 5, too. So, I plan to buy iPhone 5.
  • tombiastombias Posts: 1Member
    The iphone5 iis much more locked and batterytime is terrible what I heard of. You can use sd memory cards with the note. The screen from the note is a bit lower in resolution but the size does matter. If you browse a lot on the internet the note 2 has lots more viewing space. The iphone5 is more a jewelry. The note casing is more plastic but has more functionallity and possibilities. It hard to choose. On youtube are a lot examples, unboxing, and vs.
  • CrumbsitoCrumbsito Posts: 6Member
    You guys rock! but i have decided... and this winter i will be taking my talents to.... The Note 2... i dont talk on the phone all i do is text and surf the web lol... play games... on that alone the screen works out for me.  Ill be back in a few months either asking how to get rid of a Note 2 or how everyone should have one lol
  • EzhikEzhik Posts: 707Member
    Enjoy your new phone! If you have any concerns, I suggest that you post on an Android-specific place, like Android Central or /r/Android. If you want to mod your device, go to XDA-Developers.
  • jareeedsjareeeds Posts: 1Member
    I'd like to comment first on this: 
    Depends. Do you want a speedy sexy phone? or a ridiculously big screen with a laggy OS? 
    That is a 100% biased comment. 

    Now, I agree with Ezhik's comment, you should try to get your hands on both and see which one you like better. If you already have other iOS devices it would be beneficial for you to get the iPhone. If you really want a change go with the Galaxy Note 2. As for carriers, if you want LTE as soon as you get your smartphone go with AT&T or if you want to wait and hope for better speeds on Sprint go for that.

    Hope that helps.
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