Broken MacBook display

Today I dropped my 2009 MacBook pro (whoops?) when I was transferring it around my room. 

This is what the display looks like.. Every color appears fine, except for pure white which comes up as yellow. The display is still perfectly capable of showing white (I think) because as you can see some white shadows and the area surrounding text is white (also, when I come in and out of launchpad everything looks good for a millisecond before returning to yellow.) Is this a display issue, or is it an issue with my hard drive, or graphics card? I'm not sure how this stuff works.. 
Any help is appreciated. 

3264 x 2448 - 4M


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  • crysisftwcrysisftw Posts: 416Member
    Wires going to the display may be loose. It can cause that artifact. Try tapping the display joint with a finger. Harder if necessary. If the display flickers with yellow and white color, the problem is with wires.

    If not, it most probably is a fault with the display adapter. Hard-drive errors usually results in loading problems but not display artifacts.

    By the way, rotate the picture.
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