Can you retroactively sync an Iphone?

Hi, I've just bought an Iphone 5 and synced it with my computer, only to find that my previous back up (from my previous phone) hasn't worked. I've got 3 weeks worth of messages and photos in the old phone that i need to get into the new. If I back the old phone up now will it effect/ confuse the new phone? I've also installed a new SIM so I don't want to mess this up. Does anybody have any advice? 
Thanks, Thorin


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  • dairyboydairyboy Posts: 110Member
    In theory you should be able to if you did this...

    1.Reset the NEW Phone - Wiping all data
    Note: This is so that when you plug into iTunes, it detects it as a new device and asks what you want to do (Ie. Restore from a previous backup)
    2. Plug in the OLD Phone and backup all data.
    3. Plug in the NEW Phone and when prompted tell it to restore from the backup.

    I did steps 2 & 3 for the misses when she got her iPhone 5. She had an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.something. When she got the new phone, we plugged it in, iTunes asked weather to setup as a new phone or restore from a backup. All her stuff happily went on the phone, even tho the new phone was running iOS 6.

    You might have problems if your old phone was running a much older version of iOS. What phones specifically are you talking about? And what iOS version are they running?

    I recommend you talk to apple, don't blame me if this doesn't work or it stuffs up your phones.
  • thorinthorin Posts: 2Member
    Thanks for the advice. Sounds like opening a can of worms. The new phone is activated now and seems to be working bar the missing info. I need it for work so am not going to mess with it. Don't fancy trying to back up from an inactive phone....  As you suggest will take it in to Apple store. Cheers
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