iTunes, iCloud and Apple TV Speed Issues!

SpiritDaveSpiritDave Posts: 7Member
Downloading from iTunes, streaming from Apple TV and downloading from iCloud to my iPhone is appallingly slow quite sporadically lately.

In the last week, streaming from my Apple TV is very often saying I have to wait 6 or 7 hours to play a movie or TV show, downloading the movie to my Macbook Pro is saying hours to download and when I am downloading tunes from my iCloud to my iPhone, it is often cutting out saying it can't be done, then when it can, takes like a minute to download a song.

I have a 60mb line and everything else runs beautifully all the time.  Netflix on Apple TV, Rdio on iPhone and Mac, and downloading or surfing websites and files online.

However, this issue is only happening on and off.  But it's been happening for the last week or two.  Anyone else got this issue and if so, is there any fix?  Or is Apple just having a hissy fit on their cloud services?

I know it's Apple's servers in some way as it ONLY affects Apple's online products.  I buy a film, often at a premium price on iTunes so I can watch there and then.  To be told I have to wait 7 hours after is a joke, and I might as well have gone to Blockbuster and got a BluRay.  I want my awesome iTunes back!  Til this last two weeks or so I was in LOVE with the services!!!
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