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I am a new MAC convert and I was wondering how to make my external monitor to be the primary display? Currently I see only extended [not ideal for my work settings] and mirror. The problem with Mirror is that the resolution can't match with my external monitor @ 1080p. 

I use MiniDisplay to HDMI Adapter.

Are there any way? I know in Windows laptop you just hit the Projector mode on function key.




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  • smartalec733smartalec733 Posts: 4Member
    If you haven't solved the problem, hopefully this helps.

    If you only want to use your monitor you need an external keyboard and mouse (or trackpad).
    Plug in the monitor
    Close the MBP
    Click on the keyboard or mouse to wake it

    Or, you can use the extended feature with the monitor as the primary by
    Go to display settings
    Look for the windows that mimic your screens that you can rearrange
    Drag the gray menu bar at the top to the monitor window
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