iPad 5 rumors???

Hey guys! I'm new to 9 to 5 mac btw (Just saying)... And what do you guys think on the iPad 5? What do you think it will have and what will be the selling point?Will it have a new redesign? 

Thannks :)


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  • StetsonStetson Posts: 496Member
    I think we'll see a redesigned iPad with the iPad Mini's styling (flat back, anodized slate version, cellular plastic window color matched to device color).

    The question is when. I think that to get that thinner flatter form factor they would need to go with IGZO based displays, which are just now beginning to enter 'mass production'. These LCD displays allow high pixel densities (aka 'retina') without such a large battery drain for the backlight.

    So really it's a matter of when Apple can get enough 9.7" 2048x1536 IGZO displays (that meet their quality standards) to handle the number of iPads they need to make.

    My guess would be summer to fall of 2013.
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