How to run IE on Mountain Lion?

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I know, I know Internet explorer is terrible. But its not for me, My room mate switched to a Mac, and her companies website only works on IE, weird right? Well what is the best way? I tried Virtual Box but its not compatible with OS X 10.8. What should I do besides using Boot Camp. Also preferably free, thanks.

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  • Recylops117Recylops117 Posts: 207Member
    IE9 and 10 are pretty nice, actually. As for your problem, I don't think that you even need to actually run IE for that site to work,You may be able to get it to work just by changing the useragent string.This is a nice guide:
    Its working but it's a kind of slow. Also it doesn't give it full functionality. Any ideas? @Ezhik 
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    Hmm... You could try running Windows in a virtual machine - VirtualBox is a good, free one.
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    try wine or wine bottler

  • Recylops117Recylops117 Posts: 207Member
    You should also tell the site owners to get their shit together and start caring for the other 70% of the internet they are abandoning by only supporting a single browser.
    The Company's website? I know! It's very annoying, I'm trying my best to find a solution so I won't have emulate Windows. 
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    Dont be too lazy, use Bootcamp. :)
  • Recylops117Recylops117 Posts: 207Member
    Dont be too lazy, use Bootcamp. :)
    @FreeformerChick well it's annoying in the fact that you have to reboot into windows every time you want to use it. She wants the functionality of OS X and the compatibility with IE for the companies website. Boot Camp is not an option. 
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    Actually I have the same goal but for different reasons. 
    About four years ago, I did some research and saved a bunch of pages in IE (the equivalent of .webarchive pages in Safari). Now, I have to use them but I can only open them in a text editor. So I see the code that starts with .WAFL, but it's not going into any browser. Any idea on how to open those? 
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    Changing User Agent will tell half the story. You'll have trouble with content loading and browsing. There is a popular add-on for many browsers called the "IE Tab" which allows you to run IE on the other browsers but because there is no native installation of IE, that won't work either (I guess).

    As Ezhik said, you can use VirtualBox, its free ( to emulate Windows.

    If you don't want to go deep into that stuff, try finding a string in the HTML, CSS or JS. Usually there's only one string/element that will not allow a website to open on different browsers.

    Or you can try Firefox or Chrome. Firefox's Gecko engine is supposed to be the most compatible engine ever for websites. And since Google Chrome is the most popular now, websites are including support for it as well.
  • Recylops117Recylops117 Posts: 207Member
    Thanks guys, I already solved the problem. I snagged CrossOver when it was free a little while ago and it works perfectly. 
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