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Has anybody ever had the pleasure of compensation from apple?
This is a Brand New machine, within 3 weeks of ownership it started giving problems.
I'm asking as I've had 18 months of rubbish service from them over the phone, traveling to stores out of town, all extra costs to me trying to get issues resolved.

I did during April of 2011 get told by one support person, after 9 hours on the phone, to take my Mac to the store for an exchange, which I did But then got told Had to take it to another store way out of town, for the exchange which never happened. AlI I got was a reinstall of the O/S. Needless to say no resolve.

Since then more support calls until I took it back to another store, again way out of town, finally got a swop-out of Mac's. This was only as a result of writing to the CEO, which is when compensation was offered for after the issues had been resolved. 

So now after many calls from Apple asking what I'd like for the compensation NOT being unreasonable, I asked for just enough to cover my expenses and time at these places.
I asked for my Protection Plan to be reinstated to the date of the replacement PC, as the assistance had proved to be none existent in resolving any issue, 4GB Ram, a discount on an iPAD 3, and some gift vouchers so that I could get other software I'd like.
I'm told they will give me 4GB of Ram and an iPOD free, which is of NO use to me and that there will be no re-instatement of the protection Plan.

Any advise or reasonable thoughts on this?  Lets keep it clean though! As the air around me gets pretty blue after a call from them offering nothing worth a dam...



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    The audio stopped working when recording video on my iPhone. I was walking past an apple store one day and decided to call in and ask about it. The gave me a brand new iPhone there and then. My old iPhone even had a big scratch on the screen!

    Amazing service!
  • RondoRondo Posts: 2Member
    They just made a slightly better offer but still of no use to me, not after 18 months of troubles
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    Rondo said:
    They just made a slightly better offer but still of no use to me, not after 18 months of troubles
    Maybe you should  of considered purchasing from another manufacturer. That's what most people do do if they had an issue that was outstanding for this long. Stop holding a grudge, those 18 months could of been spent on other products that you may or may not have enjoyed. Take what you can get or let it go already. We are all going to face quarrels with many business'. I don't see the electric, network, TV, heating etc. companies compensating  me for my time. 

    Unless you want to take some sort of legal action, don't expect them to chop off an arm and a leg for you. You're only one person. The fact you were offered anything at all is better than how most people are treated. You aren't going to get 18 months worth of expenses back.

    I've been into the Apple store multiple times and have been more than happy with the service. They've replaced my iPhone twice with little to no hassle and free of charge, they've also replaced my MBP13' which had issues with the slot loading drive.

    Move on mate, it's not worth spending another 18 months asking for compensation. Take what you can get.  

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  • dairyboydairyboy Posts: 110Member
    Sell the iPod on Craigslist or whatever and profit? Ram is a bit of an anticlimax as it may or may not make a noticeable difference in your workflow.
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    Sorry to hear of your problems with Apple. My story is a totally different experience with Apple.

    I have through the years bought a lot of computers/iPads/iPones/iPods and lot more gadgets from Apple. No problem with anything but my MacBook Pro i7 2010, but only after upgrading to Lion. Then constant panics. Had the logic board changed 2 times (free of charge), and when the fault persisted I called Apple and they said no more logic boards, you will get a new computer instead of the faulty one which they sent to me one week ago by express delivery, a MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2,6 GHz, an absolut beauty :-). Touche Apple!

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