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hi, first post here, please move if need to anyway i hope the iphone 5 includes NFC for mobile payments, i know NFC mobile payments are only in there early days/years around the world but is anyone looking forward to paying using there phone?

if not all cards are accepted(or the ones you use now) would you change banks/credit card providers even if you got less value back(i.e less cashback or rewards) and how much would you be willing to give up if you do?

i dont live in the US so i dont have access to google wallet but mastercards paypass wallet looks good seeing you can also add amex, visa, discovery card and so on so i think it might be a safe bet the next iphone will have NFC payments.

also what do you think apple could do to push mobile payments, a bit of topic but i think if google said that any shop that providers google offers also gets maybe free Adwords advertising if you pay using google wallet so lets say i by $100 worth of things and i get 10% off so thats $10 off that i would get abd google would give the shop $10 free Adwords, i guess apple carnt do that.

Also would about if apple had there own credit card and it gave 1% cashback to your itunes account so you could by apps, music and so on or maybe a share-buying program where maybe some or all would go to buying apple shares so the stock price keeps going up if thats legal.

i know these are all ideas but would like to hear from other people.
and not just apple but other mobile payments around the world as well
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    If apple stared pushing for NFC payments I would honestly start looking else where for my gadgets. I've been using apple devices for years ie. iPhones, iPads, macs etc. and they already know everything about me. The idea of apple having its own credit card/payment method is unsettling. Some markets don't need to be entered.
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