My opinion on 5 year olds and iPads.

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I just wanted to share one of my thoughts today. While I was driving this morning, I heard someone talking on the radio about how it's ridiculous for one to buy their 5 year old an iPad. Of course, I don't think this person has any reasoning (besides money) to make that statement. I personally think the iPad is a great tool for kids to learn, and exercise their brain, while having fun at the same time. I was amazed when my friend's son (3 years old) was playing with mine a while back. He was highly focused at the Monkey Lunchbox Preschool game, and the way he was navigating through everything was quite impressive. I've seen a numerous amount of great educational apps for young children, and I believe the iPad is a great tool to help them succeed, and put them ahead.

Any thoughts on this?


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    Results speak for themselves. Hard to argue against. Great for early learning through to university.

    YouTube is full of clips like this.
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    i think it is amazing for kids. it is influental and motivates kids to learn
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    My 2-year old cousin knows how to unlock it, scroll through the pages, and open any apps. She likes playing Talking Tom Cat, Dog and Giraffe.
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    Just like Gen Y finds it hard to imagine a world without the Internet, kids nowadays will find it hard to imagine a world without touch controls.
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    Not to belittle or underestimate the power these devices have brought to the little ones' fingertips, I think to a certain extent, the person on the phone is right about iPads and five year olds. 

    I do not have kids, so I would appreciate hearing from parents - I absolutely agree how generations have evolved with what's around them, and perhaps it contributes to their intelligence and does make some very creative and achieve something big in life. But has the whole goal now narrowed down to making the kids swipe-smart and click-friendly and screen-grasping from infancy? Is it already enough at these ages of the kids getting up from the seat, spilling a bowl of food, screaming in a deafening voice, and playing until it falls to sleep? Are we forcing potential social bankruptcy upon kids by habituating them to stare and interact with a very able screen? I mean, even in adults, who are perhaps more capable of knowing what's right for them, this problem is becoming prevalent and a 5 year old is certainly a ball of clay parents can mold the way they like. 

    Sure, I have nothing to say if these tools are used with caution, and with a very good balance. But given how "busy" the parents are, I see these tools coming to help as a good excuse to keep the kids busy. 

    Don't we think it's a bit too early? 
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    I remember seeing a video of a baby that is so used to the multi touch display on the iPad when she saw a real picture like a magazine for example, she would try to pinch to zoom and try other gestures like that. It was quite astounding. 

    Edit: Found the video
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    Fandroids: "iOS has been the same for 6 years! It's boring and stale! Android has a new funky look every year; they're so innovative!"

    I absolutely love that video. The fact that babies, and elderly, and the disabled can use iOS with ease is fascinating. Call it "boring" or "stale," but it just works. When you have something that's great, you don't need to keep changing it just for the sake of it (ahem, Android). 

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    The iPad is the most interactive toy one can by for their kid. I have nothing against that. Besides, there is no choking hazard. ;)
  • rmhammerrmhammer Posts: 18Member
    I don't know about buying a 5 year old an iPad (spoiling children so young could cause issues later), but I would certainly not object to letting them use one that belonged to the parent(s).  My wife has one that we let our children use in moderation and supervised.  Probably no need to have a 5 year old become an expert (should be getting exercise and doing other things as well) but it's definitely an excellent learning tool for anyone.  Only word of caution is to keep the young ones away from web browsers.  Too easy to find nasty things with a basic Google search that are inappropriate.  If the young ones stick to apps then all is well.

  • smileyconsmileycon Posts: 36Member
    This way or anther, iPad mini cases for kids and children are here so the market brands this device as "the first kids tablet" U may like it or not but the world is changing for better or for worse but it does.

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